Sauven 6000R

Sauven 6000R - optioneel NON Mek inkjet coderen

inkjet coderen SauvenThe new Sauven 6000RPlus ink jet printer is one of the lowest cost per code and lowest maintenance small character printers for product coding.

The Sauven 6000RPlus provides a real alternative to
complex CIJ printers at a very affordable price.


Multi line printing at no extra cost

The Sauven 6000RPlus has been designed as a very simple to use ink jet printer but with the ability to print from one to eight lines of code and input your own font styles and graphics.

No costly maintenance contracts

Industrial ink jet printerThe 6000RPlus is manufactured with minimal components to give maximum reliability. No pumps, no valves, no compressed air, no droplet charging and no air filters means low maintenance.

Lowest cost per print

The piezo technology used in the 6000RPlus only needs a single sealed ink cartridge and does not require additional make-up solvent. This substantially reduces operating costs.

Operator confidence

Unique to this printer, the 6000RPlus has the option to select from three different levels of message programming and editing, from very easy and basic to multi functional programming.

Production friendly inks

Printing bottles, cans, jarsFor applications in the food, beverage, cosmetics, household goods, industrial and extrusion markets, the highly quality controlled inks are virtually odourless and are not M.E.K based.

Shared Technology

The 6000RPlus product printer uses the same print head, PCB, key pad and operating software as the 6000Plus carton printer thereby reducing operator training and maintenance inventory.


Consistent print performance

An automatic shutter (optional) on the print head ensures the print remains perfect in continuous or intermittent applications and harsh environments without operator intervention.

Compact printer

Small character printerA full featured printer contained in a stainless steel housing. Easily moveable between production lines.


Fast reliable start-up and no shut down procedure required.

Easy to use

A large colour graphic screen and WYSIWYG display combined with pictorial action keys makes message editing and programming really easy.

Proven technology

Carton printing and codingUses the same high resolution print head as proven in the original Sauven 6000R where many thousands have been successfully sold worldwide.

Sealed ink cartridge

An integral and replaceable ink cartridge maintains a clean ink system free of contamination.

System integration

Integrate to a factory network system or connect to industrial scanners, encoders, check weighers or other equipment as required.

Sauven 6000RPlus in action!

Coding and printing for extrusion

Download Brochure

For full product details including technical specifications,
please download the following brochure:

Sauven 6000RPlus Brochure (PDF, 1Mb)


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